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Email opens tilt further toward mobile, desktop is decreasing

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The gap between mobile and desktop click-to-open rates continues to close as more consumers get comfortable reading emails on their mobile devices, according to Yesmail.

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Mobile click-to-open rates for U.S. marketing emails sent by Yesmail clients in Q3 2015 were at 13.7%, up 1.6 percentage points compared to Q3 2014. Desktop click-to-open rates for marketing emails in Q3 2015 were at 18.0%, down 3.8 percentage points from the year before.

Furthermore, Yesmail revealed that the ratio of mobile clicks to all email clicks continues to grow. In Q3 2015, mobile clicks made up 46.7% of the total, 9 percentage points higher than Q3 2014.

The share of mobile opens for U.S. mobile marketing emails has also increased in Q3 2015, accounting for 53.5%. It made up 52.1% in Q3 2014.

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