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Employees from Asia migrate to U.S.

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Last year, employee reshuffles from China to the U.S. outnumbered those from the U.S. to China for the first time, according to the International Migration Study by UniGroup Relocation, a U.S.-based moving services firm.

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UniGroup handles more than 260,000 moves annually, including housing and destination services. It services some 400 of the Fortune 500 multinational corporations and is a barometer for global economic activity.

The number of moves from Asia to the U.S. more than doubled those from the U.S. to Asia, the study showed. A similar trend was seen between China and the United Kingdom and France. The "moves" in the study were defined as the influx of people traveling internationally under the mandate of an employer and did not include short-term business trips.

"A key reason for this is that many U.S.-based companies have sent over people to help establish their organizations here. When their work is finished, companies tend to replace them with local talent and bring them back," said Patrick Baehler, president of UniGroup.

China ranked third in terms of countries with workers moving to the U.S., following the United Kingdom and Germany. Meanwhile, it was the top destination for incoming professionals in the Asia-Pacific region and the fourth worldwide.

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