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Employees in Latvia would like to receive EUR 1,122 monthly

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Most employees in Latvia would like to receive EUR 1,122 in net monthly wage, a new survey by TNS pollster shows.

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The employees' wage expectations are two times higher than the current average wage in Latvia.

The average monthly pay Latvians would like to receive after paying taxes is EUR 1,122. By contrast, the average monthly wage in 2015 was EUR 580 after paying taxes, while the average gross monthly wage was EUR 818.

Most often, respondents in the poll said they would like to be paid EUR 1,000 in net monthly wage, but 34% of respondents said they wanted more.

Respondents that would be happy with lower remuneration, up to EUR 6,000 a month, were mostly women, employees with basic or secondary education, blue-collar workers and specialists, people employed in trade and employees earning up to EUR 500 a month, people working up to 39 hours a week, employees in Latvia's rural regions and the eastern region of Latgale, as well as employees of micro-enterprises.

Meanwhile, respondents aiming for higher pay, exceeding EUR 1,000, were mostly men, employees with higher education, managers and employees working in the services sector, employees earning more than EUR 700 in net monthly wage, those who work 41 and more hours a week, people working in Riga and Pieriga, as well as employees of large enterprises.

TNS representative Signe Kanejeva indicated that the situation in the Latvian labor market is getting more favorable to employees as the possibility to find work increase and wages continue to rise, leading to overpay in some areas.

The TNS survey shows that last year wages went up for 22% of employees and decreased for 12% of employees. For most of the employees (59%), though, wages remained unchanged in 2015.

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