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Employees spend extra 2 hours working remotely during coronavirus outbreak

Christian Fernsby |
People are working longer hours, in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic and the mass increase in remote work.

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New data from NordVPN Teams show not only a massive spike in business VPN usage but also people working on average 2 hours longer than usual.

The US increased their average workday by almost 40%, adding an extra 3 hours - the largest jump worldwide.

The UK, France, Canada, and Spain are seeing a 2-hour increase.

“The data as well revealed that employees are starting work earlier, but finishing at the same time.

This is perhaps because people are not commuting, and instead of sitting in traffic, they choose to work,” explains Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN Teams.

Business VPN usage skyrocketed in Canada, Austria, and the Netherlands, growing by over 200%.

Interestingly, Italians showed a modest 10% growth, which coincided with a widely-reported spike in usage on home networks, many of which might lack the necessary protection for remote work.

The UK seems to be preparing the most.

NordVPN Teams sales in the country grew by 400%, highlighting a growing trend: companies need powerful cloud-based security to go remote.

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