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Estonia: Number of tourists grows more than fivefold in 20 years

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The number of accommodated tourists in Estonia has grown more than five times in the last 20 years, amounting to 3.1 million individuals last year.

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The short-time decline caused by the economic crisis in 2009 excluded, the number of tourists staying in accommodation establishments showed a steady increase in 1996-2015.

While 587,900 accommodated tourists were registered in 1996, the number rose to 3.1mln by 2015, chief analyst Mart Leesment says in the blog of the statistical office.

At the same time tourism is highly seasonal and the number of tourists exceeds the annual average only in the May-August period.

The proportion of tourists accommodated in the summer months among all accommodated tourists increased in all years of the 1996-2004 period but thereafter a very slow gradual decrease has occurred.

This means seasonal differences have diminished little by little over the last 12 years, which can be regarded as a positive development for the tourism landscape, Leesment said.

The analyst points out that the seasonal nature of tourism is not solely Estonia's concern but troubles other European countries as well, some of them even more seriously than this country.

"Assuming that a drastic climate change and a resultant change in the accustomed way of life will not happen in the next few years, accommodation establishments will have to grapple with seasonalismalso in the future," he said.

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