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EU reduces vegetable purchases by 2,500 million kilograms

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According to data by Hortoinfo from the Euroestacom (ICEX- Eurostat) statistical service, during 2014, the European Union purchased a total of 27,540.82 million kilograms of unpreserved vegetables, including fresh melons and watermelons.

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The EU countries paid a total of 22,026.54 million euros for these products in 2014.

In 2014, the main supplier of these products to the EU was the Netherlands, with 5,349.73 million kilograms, closely followed by Spain, with 5,327.36 million kilograms. France ranked third with a total of 3,591.52 million kilograms.

The fourth place was occupied by Belgium with 2,474.84 million kilograms, followed by Germany with 2,367.23 million kilograms, Italy with 1,018.67 million kilograms, Poland with 771.37 million kilograms, Morocco with 770.66 million kilograms, the UK with 409.22 million kilograms and China in tenth place with 343.17 million kilograms of watermelon.

Turkey ranked eleventh with a total of 20.79 million kilograms of unpreserved vegetables and legumes, including fresh melons and watermelons exported to different EU countries.

Spain sold $4,806.81 million Euro of unpreserved vegetables and legumes, including fresh melons and watermelons, to the EU, the Netherlands $4,679.95 million euros, and France $1,651.34 million euros.

Spain achieved the best prices, with 0.90 euros per kilogram, followed by the Netherlands with 0.87 euros per kilogram, while France achieved 0.46 euros per kilogram.

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