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Fast-food workers' #FightFor15 protests to hit hundreds of cities

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The Fight for 15 campaign launched a one-day strike on Tuesday in 270 US cities – its largest demonstration to date, according to organizers.

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In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he would make $15 an hour the minimum wage for all state workers. The hourly rate will be gradually increased until New York state workers are paid at least $15 hourly in 2018.

“I believe that if you work hard and work full time, you should not be condemned to live in poverty,” the governor said, adding that “families nationwide continue to be left behind by an insufficient minimum wage. And it’s time that changed.”

Bernie Sanders doubled down on his support for the Fight for 15 campaign at a rally in Washington, DC.

"Thank you all for coming out and standing up for justice, standing up for dignity, and for saying loudly and clearly that people in this country that work 40 hours a week deserve a living wage," he said, addressing a crowd in the rain while holding an umbrella.

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