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Female millennials most confident and ambitious of any female generation

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PwC surveyed 8,756 female millennials, women born between 1980-1995, from 75 countries to find out how they feel about the world of work and their career.

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The report – The female millennial: A new era of talent – reveals that the female millennial is much more likely to believe she can reach the very top levels with her current employer, particularly those starting their careers (49%).

The female millennial ranks opportunities for career progression as the most attractive employer trait (53%); making her more career confident and ambitious than previous generations.

Female millennials in Brazil (76%), India (76%) and Portugal (68%) are the most confident, while their peers in Japan (11%), Kazakhstan (18%) and Germany (19%) are the least confident.

Of the female millennials who are in a relationship, 86% are part of a dual career couple, with 42% earning equal salaries to their partner or spouse. And almost a quarter (24%) are the primary earner in their relationship.

When it comes to diversity, 86% of female millennials seek out employers with a strong record on diversity, equality and inclusion – and while they say employers talk about diversity, 71% do not feel opportunities are really equal for all.

What's more, 43% of female millennials believe employers are too male biased when it comes to promoting employees from within – up 14% since 2011.

Millennial women in Spain (60%), France (58%) and Ireland (56%) view employers in their country as the most male biased, versus Malaysia (16%) and the Philippines (11%) where female millennials are more optimistic.

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