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First UAE Barakah nuclear reactor to begin operating by May

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The UAE’s first nuclear power plant could begin operating by May. The industry’s regulator has approved licenses to transport and store nuclear fuel – a final step in a long process.

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The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) said the fuel’s first shipment would be sent from South Korea in coming weeks before being taken to the power plant’s Barakah site in the Western Region next month.

The authority’s approval is considered to be the last step before the first nuclear reactor becomes operational in May, pending regulatory approval.

Christer Viktorsson, FANR’s director general, said it was a “major milestone for us because we’ve worked diligently during months to make us convinced that everything is ready to transport and store fuel”.

“One of the principles of the UAE’s nuclear power program is operational transparency,” Mr Viktorsson said. “This is an effort by FANR to keep the public informed about the important decisions it is making.”

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