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For U.S. internet users political ads are waste of money

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Data from a February 2016 YuMe report reveals that 69% of U.S. internet users find TV news to be the most effective political marketing channel.

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About six in 10 (61%) are most affected by political TV shows other than news programs.

While it seems TV is the best channel to get political messaging to US internet users, there’s one exception to that rule—actual TV ads, a traditional and long-standing platform for political advertising, failed to find favor with internet users, only 42% of whom said the channel is most effective.

About half of those surveyed found digital to be an effective channel for political advertising, which suggests that internet users browsing don’t necessarily want to hear about politics.

Another problem is overload. Two-fifths of respondents thought that there were too many political ads on TV, though only 26% believe there are too many digital political ads.

Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed believe digital ads are effective, whatever number of them there may be, while 32% believe the same is true for TV ads.

That paints a grim picture for political advertising on TV—internet users believe that not only are there too many ads, but also that they’re ineffective. Put another way, they seem to be a waste of money on a self-reported basis.

Unfortunately for TV ads, that’s not all: Less than a quarter of U.S. internet users find that the ads are an important source of information. Digital doesn’t do much better—only 27%.

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