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Foreign partners more likely to be jobless in the Netherlands

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People who come to the Netherlands to marry a Dutch national often end up without work, particularly well-educated women, according to the government's socio-cultural think-tank SCP.

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At the same time, the percentage of foreign partners brought to the Netherlands by people from the Turkish and Moroccan communities has gone down sharply.

In 2001, 60% of people with a Turkish origin found their partner in their country of origin but this has now dropped to 15%. In the Moroccan community, the percentage has fallen from 55% to 17%.

In particular, women who had good careers are likely to be disappointed with their experiences in the Netherlands, the report says.

"The Dutch language often forms an obstacle and foreign qualifications are often not highly regarded," the report states. "Following an educational programme in the Netherlands can also be difficult: they are expensive and there is often no time because of the need to work or take care of a child."

Twice as many women than men come to the Netherlands as marriage migrants. Native Dutch men are most likely to marry people from the former Soviet Union, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Brazil.

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