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French wind power capacity seen overtaking UK, Spain by 2030

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France is set to become Europe's second biggest generator of electricity from wind power behind Germany by 2030, overtaking the UK and Spain thanks to policies being put in place by the current government, according to an industry association.

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WindEurope's chief executive Giles Dickson told a conference in Paris that France's outlook for offshore and onshore wind power projects was the best in Europe.

"France is number four in terms of installed capacity.We estimate that by 2030, thanks to the policies of the current government, France will overtake the United Kingdom and Spain in terms of installed capacity," Dickson said.

He declined to give figures behind the forecast, adding that a detailed forecast for European projects will be published next week.

However, he said: "From where we are sitting in Brussels, and looking at what is happening across Europe, the outlook for France is maybe the most positive that we are observing."

The forecast suggested that wind's share of French electricity generating capacity would be above 25 percent in 2030, and if all goes well, France would become second in Europe behind Germany, Dickson said.

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