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From August 21, Sweden relies on bioenergy

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Bioenergy is Europe’s leading renewable energy source. According to Eurostat data and calculations by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM), bioenergy will account for 11% of the final energy consumption in the EU-28 this year.

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Other renewable energy sources, like hydropower, wind, solar and geothermal, stand for another 7%. But still, non-renewable energy makes up 82% of the EU’s energy use.

For the EU as a whole, this means that all energy use from November 21 until the end of the year will come from bioenergy, and therefore AEBIOM will celebrate the European Bioenergy Day on 21 November.

For Sweden, the national Bioenergy Day occurs already on August 21st, which is the first of all the EU member states as Sweden’s bioenergy share in the final energy consumption is 36%.

Bioenergy is the leading energy source in Sweden since 2009, and its share increases year by year. The total use of renewable energy will be around 55% in Sweden in 2017, compared to 18% in EU as a whole.

Other EU member states with high shares of bioenergy are Finland (33%), Latvia (31%), Estonia (27%), Denmark (25%), Lithuania (22%), and Austria and Romania (both 20%).

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