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Fruit and vegetable prices in Saudi Arabia up to 90%

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Despite the Saudi Ministry of Trade and Industry's efforts to guarantee stability in the supply of basic consumer foods, fruit and vegetable prices ahead of the month of Ramadan have increased by around 50%, and in some cases, by up to 90%.

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During a tour at one of the vegetable and fruit markets in Riyadh it was found that tomatoes have registered the greatest price increase compared to other vegetable varieties, with a kilo costing up to 8 riyals, compared to 3-4 riyals a month ago, while the price of a kilo of oranges ranges between 9-10 riyals, up from the 5 to 6 riyals they cost 4 weeks ago.

For other items, price increases range between 30% and 70%.

In the province of Jizan, fruit prices have increased by about 90%. Consumers believe that both traders and the increase in consumption volumes are the cause for this, pointing out the dire need to ensure the public right for sale and for the purchase of food without intermittent regulatory movements that do not actually affect those vendors.

For their part, many observers point to the need to intensify the work of regulators with regard to curbing the greed of traders and prevent them from taking advantage of the holy month of Ramadan to raise prices in an exaggerated manner.

The Ministry revealed in a statement that it is monitoring food prices in all regions to follow up on any developments or changes that may affect supply and demand, and that it is working in partnership with some neighbouring countries to monitor the prices of commodities and analyse and review all variables to find out the reasons for the increases and decreases in prices, if any.

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