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Fruits main export product of Spanish producers

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Fruits account for the majority of Spanish exports to non-EU countries in the period between January and September.

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In this period, Spanish fruit exports to non-EU countries amounted to 541,643 tons of total exports and recorded a strong increase of 22% over the same period of 2013.

The main non-EU destinations for Spanish fruit are Russia, Algeria and Brazil. Exports to Russia declined 10% in the period analyzed, mainly in the months of August and September, as a result of the Russian ban on the importation of fruits and vegetables from the community.

In contrast, Spanish exports to Algeria and Brazil increased. Shipments to Algeria have increased by 39% and amounted to 66.1.92 tons. The main fruits exported to Algeria were oranges, apples and peaches.

Fruit exports to Brazil have also grown by 43% to a total of 46,887 tons. The main fruits exported to Brazil were the plum, peach and nectarine.

Vegetable exports to non-EU countries in the first nine months of 2014 stood at 178,514 tons, 11% more than in the same period of 2013. Russia, Switzerland and Norway were the main target destinations. Vegetable exports to Russia fell by 15% to a total of 46,492 tons, exports to Switzerland stood at 41,023 tons (-4%) and exports to Norway amounted to 21,748 tons (-4.5%).

The positive evolution of Spanish exports of fruits and vegetables to non-EU countries until September reflects the industry's interest in new markets. Volumes, however, are still low as they only represent 8.6% of the total 8.6 million tons that Spain exported in the period analyzed, according to FEPEX.

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