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Gen Zers, millennials say brands should have physical stores

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More than eight in 10 Gen Z and millennial internet users in the US feel it’s important for a brand to operate a brick-and-mortar location.

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And other, older generations are not too far behind, according to findings, eMarketer reports.

U.S. internet users ages 15 and older were polled in February 2016 by iModerate Research Technologies, a consumer insights firm. Respondents were asked if they felt it was important for brands to own physical stores.

Most millennials (82%) and Gen Zers (80%) said it was critical. Meanwhile, older generations were not far behind, with more than half of Xers (69%) and baby boomers (65%) saying they felt a brick-and-mortar operation was important, too.

The importance placed on brands having physical stores, particularly by internet users under the age of 33, may have seemed unlikely in recent years because of this audience’s strong digital affinity and savviness with technology.

However, also in recent years, US retailers have been increasingly embracing the concept of the connected store.

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