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German Pro-Rail Alliance: Gigaliner report is secret. Why?

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The German Pro-Rail Alliance has reacted with incomprehension to transport minister Alexander Dobrindt’s draft regulation on allowing the unrestricted use of longer vehicles.

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The draft text was sent by the Federal Transport Ministry (BMVI) to transport organisations for their comments, whereas the final report from the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) has only been seen by the ministry and is obviously going to be kept secret.

“We were astonished to learn that the final report from the researchers accompanying the trials has already been sent to the BMVI but has neither been published nor sent to the transport organisations.

“To ensure that the effects of the intended approval for longer HGVs is properly evaluated, we believe that this approach is inappropriate,” said the Pro-Rail Alliance in its comments.

The whole logic behind giving longer vehicles unrestricted approval is still very much in doubt, criticised the Pro-Rail Alliance, referring to the open issues noted in the draft regulation.

“For example, the explanatory statement in the regulation mentions, among other things, safety problems caused by emergency bays in tunnels that are too short, increased fire load and vehicles having to stray into neighbouring lanes.

“The consequences for road safety of approving longer vehicles cannot simply be brushed aside by pointing to the low number of vehicles that took part in the trials,” warned the transport alliance in its response.

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