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Germany to invest €4.5 billion to repair 400 bridges

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The German federal government has set aside €4.5 billion for refurbishment of 400 bridges in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia up to 2027.

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Hendrik Wüst, North Rhine-Westphalia transport minister, made the announcement which included around €200 million for road maintenance.

The Federal German government also plans to fast-track planning for infrastructure projects. Bonuses to contractors for improved performance to reduce down-time on construction sites as well as the possibily of a six-day working week are in the pipeline, said Wust.

The moves are part of a strategy to work more closely with the private sector to establish a new trust in the relationships, reported German media.

That relationship has soured because of red tape by government authorities which has led to the country’s road infrastructure becoming dilapidated, according to transport critics.

Last year even the International Monetary Fund urged Germany to remove administrative and regulatory constraints in municipalities to get much needed repairs underway faster.

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