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Germany's online sales to outpace UK by 2020

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The online retail sales of Germany is expected to show moderate one-to two-digit growth rates by 2020, according to a new report.

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As a result, Germany will have larger share and it will outpace UK, the largest and most advanced online market of Europe. Currently, Germany is the second largest B2C e-commerce market in Europe and fifth largest in the world.

The report from German intelligence firm mentioned that Germany’s online retail sales continue to grow faster than the overall retail sales.

The country’s online share is expected to gain an additional 1 percentage point of total retail sales each year by 2020.

There has been a persistent expansion of mobile commerce (m-commerce) sales in Germany and the popularity of online shopping clubs is also increasing, according to the report.

In 2015, the top three online shops in Germany were Amazon, and Zalando, each with sales of over €1 billion.

The report said that there is a huge online demand for clothing and accessories. These products are considered to be the bestselling B2C e-commerce product categories in Germany.