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Google, Apple and Samsung work on secure military communications system

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Google, Apple and Samsung are working on a system that would ensure classified information to be transmitted securely on mobile devices used by the federal workforce.

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The United States government and industry are working together to develop a secure communication system for 600,000 mobile device users. A Defense Department strategy from February sets the goal of developing a system of reliable and secure classified mobile communication worldwide.

Greg Youst, Defense Information Systems Agency's (DISA) chief mobility engineer, along with officials from several other government agencies, said the challenge of enabling wireless devices to transmit classified data securely can prompt debate over risk vs. cost.

"One of the things we're really looking at is how can we leverage social media to do our jobs and yet do it securely," Mr. Youst told a conference on cyber security. He added that he has been in talks with Google, Apple and Samsung, and that the strict security requirements needed for the federal workforce will end up benefiting the commercial market.

"What's driving them to work with DOD and the federal government is that if they can get to our level of security, then they can go market out to the corporate world, and you're starting to see that. If we can make it secure enough for the Department of Defense, we can give you a system for phone or mobile device management that will secure your banking information, your health information," said Mr. Youst.

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