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Governments, companies join global alliance for climate-smart agriculture

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With demand for food set to increase 60 percent by 2050, world leaders, major corporations and civil society at the United Nations Climate Summit have pledged commitments to transform agricultural practices by increasing productivity while reducing carbon emissions.

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"I am glad to see action that will increase agricultural productivity, build resilience for farmers and reduce carbon emissions," said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as he opened the meeting on Tuesday. "These efforts will improve food and nutrition security for billions of people," he added.

Nine billion people are expected to be living on the planet in 25 years and food production will need to spike in order to feed them.

Tuesday, at the biggest climate conference in history, more than 20 Governments, and 30 organizations and companies announced they would join the newly launched Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture, which aims to enable 500 million farmers worldwide to practice climate-smart agriculture.

The countries joining represent millions of farmers, a quarter of the world cereal production, 43 million undernourished people and 16 percent of total agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

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