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Grocery stores aren't meeting millennials' needs

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According to Gallup's report How Millennials Want to Work and Live, while 58% of people in other generations say they spend more on groceries now than they did a year ago, fewer millennials (52%) say they do this.

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Further, between 2008 and 2015, daily spending among 19- to 35-year-olds has decreased by $13 per day.

Considering the number of millennial consumers in the U.S., this amounts to a spending shortage of approximately $949 million per day.

Millennials' low consumer spending is one symptom of poor customer engagement. Just 25% of millennials are engaged customers, compared with 28% of Gen Xers, 33% of baby boomers and 38% of traditionalists. This makes millennials the least engaged generation of customers.

Before retail companies - particularly those in the U.S. - can remedy these alarming trends, they need to better understand millennials' consumer tendencies.

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