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Growing number of consumers believe media services will be free

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A new Xerox State of Customer Service in 2015 survey reveals that almost half (49%) of consumers believe that they will not have to pay for their media services by 2025.

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This is regardless if they prefer traditional media (48%) such as film, TV, music, radio, news and sports outlets established in the pre-Internet age or new digital media (47%), such as social media, which exists exclusively online.

Today, 43% of consumers pay to access their favorite media outlets. Two thirds (66%) of these high-value, paid subscription media consumers disagree that the quality media they have become accustomed to will be available for free in the coming 10 years.

The report asked 6,000 media consumers in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States to reveal the status of media in their lives, finding that dependency on the channel through which most of today’s media is consumed, the internet, is not set to waver in the next decade.

In fact, over two thirds (69%) of consumers predict that access to the Internet will become a basic human right in a decade’s time.

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