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Guam visitor numbers up despite North Korean threat

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The Guam Visitors Bureau says the threat of a North Korean missile attack has not had an impact on the number of tourists visiting the US territory.

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Kim Jong-Un said he was reviewing pans to strike the island's waters although he called on the United States to ease tension.

The bureau's director Jon Denight said visitor arrivals in the first 12 days of August were up five percent on the same period last year.

Mr Denight said tourists due to visit Guam were being assured the island was safe.

"Guam has had a long history, 50 years, of tourism and we are known as a family-friendly, safe destination," said Mr Denight.

"We're trying to get the word out to our partners to alleviate any fears of deciding where to travel in the future so they feel comfortable coming to our island," he said.

"There is no increase in the threat level."

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