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High demand for quality retirement housing in UK

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Around 9 out of 10 elderly people say they love their experience of living in retirement housing or enjoy it most of the time.

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This is according to a new report by the NHBC Foundation. The report found that there is high demand in the UK for more quality retirement housing with residents citing companionship and community spirit as the biggest benefits of living in a retirement development.

With the population rapidly ageing, it is expected that around 6.6million people living in the UK will be 75 or older by 2022.

The NHBC Foundation report found that around one million elderly people say they would consider moving into retirement housing – but only 128,000 homes are estimated to have been built for private sale.

It found that building more retirement properties would bring significant benefits for the elderly by allowing them to live independently for longer while freeing up homes for younger families.

The report also identified that rates of home ownership are high for this age group and there is evidence of a willingness to pay a premium to gain the benefits of good quality retirement living.

However, residents participating in the research commented on a lack of choice of suitable properties which appealed to them.

Downsizing and a desire to reduce home maintenance were the key drivers for elderly people to move.

Nearly two thirds of elderly people (63%) cited downsizing as the main reason followed by 59% who said they wanted to be in a ‘safe and secure’ environment. Other important factors were being close to family and having access to support services.