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High net worth investors optimistic about 2015

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Morgan Stanley says that over nine in 10 high net worth investors (93%) expect their investment portfolios to stay constant or improve in 2015, with nearly half (48%) expecting improvement.

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Continuing optimism was a key finding of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management's semi-annual Investor Pulse Poll, which surveys a national sample of investors with investable assets of $100,000 or more, a third of whom have assets exceeding $1 million. Among this group, a majority (53%) see the investment climate remaining constant, while those expecting a worse (22%) or better (23%) climate were evenly split.

Topping the list of investor concerns was increased foreign conflicts (86%), followed by effects of terrorism on the U.S. (81%), the government budget deficit (80%) and U.S. income inequality (79%).

High net worth investors see technology as the top sector for investment in 2015 (87% "good"), followed by bio-tech (75%), pharmaceuticals (71%), energy (69%) and healthcare (65%).

Least favored sectors are consumer discretionary (26% "good"), followed by aerospace (29%), insurance (31%), entertainment (32%) and tourism (33%).

U.S. is favored market; least favorites are Ukraine, Middle East and Russia

When considering where to put their money in 2015, high net worth investors far and away favor the U.S. (74% "good"), followed by Japan (42%), India (40%) and China (38%).

Reflecting current geopolitical turmoil, three in four high net worth investors consider the Middle East (76%), Ukraine (75%) and Russia (75%) to be undesirable places to invest.

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