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Highways England launches £20m competitions to revolutionise roads

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Highways England has launched two competitions to encourage the UKs most creative minds to come up with innovative ideas to revolutionise roads and driving.

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The company aims to build on the nation’s great history of innovation and has set aside £20m to invest in projects which change the way the country’s motorways and major A roads are designed, managed and used.

It is inviting ground-breaking entries which will help develop digital roads connected vehicles and infrastructure, design and construction that reduces cost and improves safety, better and more predictable journey times and to improve air quality.

Anyone interested in entering the competition is encouraged to join a webinar, hosted by Innovate UK and Highways England on Thursday 14 February.

The types of benefits which road users and local communities could see as a result include better quality journeys, improved road safety, more efficient use of vehicles, enhanced public spaces and improved health.

The competitions come as the company continues to plan for the future, the changing roads landscape and the increasing automation in vehicles and systems.

Entries open on 11 February.

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