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Huge interest in internet gambling in the Netherlands

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More than 200 companies have expressed interest in a license that allows them to deliver online gambling in the Netherlands, says Gaming Authority (KSA), the supervisor of the Dutch gambling market, in its annual report, reports the Telegraaf.

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In preparation for the regulation of Internet gambling, where the House is expected to take a decision on the summer, interested parties registered since December 1, 2014 at the Ksa, the gambling regulator. After three weeks, the number stood at 130 applications.

The supervisor speaks of "a high number, considering the estimated size of the illegal market. It is estimated that between 250 million to 800 million euros in sales are generated in the illegal online gambling market."

It is far from certain that all companies that are interested will actually apply for a license. What kind of games are allowed to offer gambling companies is still the politicians, who must also decide on the level of the gambling tax. Furthermore, it is expected that not all can meet to the stringent requirements for a Dutch license.

The Gambling Authority last year extended the licenses of the State Lottery, Lotto, Postcode Lottery, BankGiroLoterij and VriendenLoterij who were approved by December 31, 2014, but were extended until 2017. Then the government shuld make competitive lottery market, leaving room for new (foreign) lotteries.

A number of parties does not agree with the private line lottery permits. They have therefore appealed or even applied for a lottery license. These new applications have been refused, says the Gaming Authority.

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