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If your milk still smells good...

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The Danish government would like to introduce a new nutrition label that will send a message against wasting food, reports the German website

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Last week the Ministry of Agriculture in Copenhagen shared that the average Danish family wastes approximately 1,343 Euro per year worth of food due to the minimum shelf life being exceeded.

Many consumers do know that a large percentage of products with an expired shelf life can still be eaten. According to the Danish Minister of Agriculture, Dan J?rgensen, the 'minimum shelf life' date gives the wrong signal to citizens. He thinks from now on they should use the term 'best before', as is done in Spain, Sweden and Finland.

The Minister stressed that the new label should create a stronger awareness for the unnecessary waste of food. "We need to get back to the basics and figure out for ourselves if our food is still good or not. If your milk still smells the same as it always does, you can still drink it."

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