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Increased traffic by foreign trucks in Norway

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Norwegian and foreign trucks transported almost 294 million tonnes of goods to, from and within Norway in 2015; three percent less than the year before.

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Norwegian truck transportation is dominated by domestic driving, while foreign trucks have a very high market share in driving to and from Norway.

A total of 1.1 million tonnes of goods were transported by cabotage in Norway in 2015. This corresponds to just 0.4 percent of all goods carried by Norwegian and foreign trucks in Norway.

Foreign trucks shipped 10.5 million tonnes of goods to or from Norway in 2015; an increase of 31.1 percent from the year before. Foreign trucks transported 69.6 percent of all goods transported for import and export, including transport in cross trade.

Overall, transport performance in Norway and between Norway and abroad accounted for 1.9 billion tonne kilometres in 2015.

Transport performance performed by foreign trucks amounted to 8.7 billion tonne kilometres in connection with trips to, from and in Norway; 1.6 billion tonne kilometres more than in 2014.

Transport performance for Norwegian trucks total 23.2 billion tonne kilometres, of which 20.6 billion was driving in Norway.

This means that the foreign trucks accounted for 76.0 percent of total transport performance to and from Norway. However, foreign trucks’ share of the transport performance was just 1.9 percent in Norway.

Swedish trucks drive most of all foreign trucks between Norway and other countries. In 2015, Swedish trucks transported 3.6 million tonnes of goods, compared with 2.6 million tonnes of goods in 2014.

Danish trucks transported most goods in cabotage in Norway in 2014, with 249 300 tonnes of goods from one place in Norway to another, and accounted for 23.5 percent of all cabotage in Norway.

Polish trucks mostly dealt with cross trade in Norway. Nearly one million tonnes of goods were transported between Norway and a country other than Poland.

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