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Indian state Meghalaya leases land for uranium exploration

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The Indian state of Meghalaya recently invited companies to submit bids for exploration work on lands it has put up for lease.

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The work amounts to 15,000 metres of core drilling in Nongjri Plateau in South West Khasi Hills district, with boreholes of depth varying from 450 to 550 m, Mining reports.

Firms will be allowed to participate in both technical and commercial bids, and have until January 30 to submit tenders.

According to INN, India is estimated to have around 20,000 tonnes of uranium deposits, scattered throughout a handful of areas.

In January of last year the department of atomic energy and atomic minerals directorate for exploration and research launched a survey for exploring uranium and other precious atomic mineral deposits in South Rajasthan, notes Times of India.

Back in 2011 a four-year study indicated that the Tummalapalli mine near the Indian state capital Hyderbad, hosts 49,000 tons of uranium, putting it in the big leagues of uranium mines.

By comparison, the largest uranium mine in the world, Cameco's McArthur River mine in northern Saskatchewan, was expected to produce 20 million pounds in 2016.

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