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India's top court bans diesel cars in New Delhi

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India's top court imposed a temporary ban on new diesel-guzzling SUVs and other luxury cars in New Delhi in an attempt to clean up the world's most polluted capital.

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The Supreme Court also barred diesel trucks older than 10 years from entering the city, one of a string of orders handed down to tackle smog-shrouded Delhi.

Chief Justice T.S. Thakur ordered the ban on registration of new diesel vehicles with engines over 2000cc, typical of SUVs, jeeps and large cars made by BMW, Toyota and others.

The courts are pushing authorities to act over Delhi's toxic air, ranked as the worst in the world in a World Health Organization survey last year of more than 1,600 cities.

The ban on new diesel car registration would last until March 31, according to local mediaFacing flak over the crisis, the city government earlier this month said private vehicles would only be allowed on the roads on alternate days for a trial period in January.

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