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Indonesia fails to meet tax amnesty targets

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Indonesian government reaped some 135 trillion rupiah ($10.1 billion) of funds which would be used as additional tax revenue from the recently closed-down tax amnesty program.

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The state is falling short from the initial target set at 165 trillion rupiah ($12.3 billion).

The nine-month program that began in July last year ended up in unexpected figures with several targets failed to complied with during the tax amnesty period.

As of the program's closure time at Friday midnight, Indonesian tax office recorded 4,854.6 trillion rupiah ($364.3 billion) worth of unreported assets declared by almost 1 million taxpayers taking part in the program.

"Learning from these figures, the taxation director general office has to improve itself. Indonesia is still lagging in tax compliance," Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulynai said to address the closing of tax amnesty program.

She added that even though the figures have not met the targets, result from the tax amnesty program was considerably good.

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