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Indonesia records low infrastructure index among Asian countries

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Indonesia recorded low infrastructure quality index among par countries in Asia, advised to further develop its infrastructure to pursue higher growth, HSBC director said.

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"Compared to it is in the other countries, Indonesia's infrastructure quality index was ranked lower," HSBC managing director and co-head of Asian Economic Research Frederic Neumann said, revealing the results of HSBC's recent global research.

He said that the highest index were held by Singapore and South Korea, adding that other countries such as Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam held higher index scores than Indonesia which was ranked above the lowest rank, the Philippines.

According to Frederic, infrastructure development is very crucial to Indonesia as it would act as vital variable to facilitate investment in the country amid the slowing down growth experienced in the country.

He pointed out that an advanced infrastructure would propel the nation's economy growth in the future. Indonesia was estimated to see 5.5 percent growth this year and 5.8 percent in the following year. The nation saw 4.71 percent growth in the first quarter of this year.

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