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Internship key for good job after graduation

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Forty percent of recent associate degree graduates who had a relevant job or internship while in school had a good job waiting for them after graduation.

By comparison, only 16% of those with a job or internship that was not relevant to their field of study had a good job waiting for them.

Those without a job or internship fared worst of all, with only 6% saying they had a good job upon graduation.

These data come from the Gallup-Strada Associate Degree Graduate Study of 2,548 U.S. adults who said an associate degree was their highest level of education.

The study found that overall, 20% of two-year graduates strongly agree that they had a job or internship relevant to their studies during school, while 52% disagree or strongly disagree.

Among those who were pursuing a job after graduation, the value of a job-relevant internship is made clear when one considers that about as many associate degree holders who graduated since 2010 say it took more than a year to find a good job (32%) as say they had one waiting after graduation (33%).

And getting a job, according to Gallup research, is a primary motivating factor in students' decision to attend college to begin with.

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