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Investment in Moscow grows 70 percent in seven years

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During the last seven years, investment in Moscow has increased 70 percent, Sergei Sobyanin said in an interview with Rossiya 24 TV Channel during the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

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“There was approximately 800 billion roubles of investment, and there is almost two trillion now. This is a giant leap. This is what drives the Moscow economy and proves that we are on the right path; this is how we fulfill our social responsibility, support the budget and see our potential,” he noted.

The secret to investment growth is the city investing in itself. “We invested in the MCC, in the metro, and in roads and the utility infrastructure.”

For example, investors began asking about the areas adjacent to the Moscow Central Circle after its launch. Now they are opening industrial parks and new plants, and building new residences in these areas.

The Moscow Mayor said the improvements were another way to attract investment: “We have created a unique pedestrian and social area with an active city life; thanks to this, the number of tourists has grown from 14 million to 21 million, which has compensated for all the investment in improvement, fairs and other events.”

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