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Iran built the largest coke production plant in Middle East

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Iran is ready to start the production at the Middle East's largest coke production plant with an annual output capacity of 900,000 tons.

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The coke production facility is located at Isfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Mill. The gas produced during the coke production process will be used to fuel the power plants operating in the steel mill network, writes Press TV. The project is expected to create 481 direct and over 12,000 indirect job opportunities.

Iran is also ready to start the production at the country's biggest oxygen production plant with a production capacity of 60,000 cubic meters per hour, and two other power plants with a total production capacity of 110 megawatts are expected to be opened too.

Iran is the biggest steel producer in the Middle East and North Africa with main steel mills located in Isfahan and Khuzestan provinces. Mobarakeh Steel Mill covers approximately 47 percent of the market share, the Khuzestan Steel Company about 23 percent, the Isfahan Foundry about 20 percent, and the Iran National Steel Industries Group approximately 10 percent.

Iran is among the 15 major mineral-rich countries of the world and exports its industrial and mineral products to 159 countries.

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