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Iran fourth biggest oil supplier to Japan in May

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Iran with exports of 308,000 barrels of crude oil to Japan has turned into the fourth biggest oil supplier to that country in May, 2016.

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Japan, being the third biggest oil consumer, has raised its imports of crude oil from the Middle East region. Iran, situated in the Middle East region, is among three other oil suppliers to Japan in the region.

Saudi Arabia is the first crude oil supplier to Japan with exports of 1,130,000 barrels of oil to that country. UAE and Qatar stand at second and third places.

Director of International Affairs of National Iranian Oil Company Mohsen Qamsari has recently talked of Iran's oil exports to Japan, saying according to Tehran-Tokyo agreement, Iran sells about 120,000 barrels of oil to Japan per day.

However, he said, Japan has raised its imports of Iran's crude oil in the past three months.

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