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Iran Mercantile Exchange's weekly trade hits $180 million

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The Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) said that around $180 million of various commodities weighting over 342,656 tons were traded in its trade and exports halls in the last working week of 2015 (June 20-24).

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11,000 Tons of sugar, 7,715 tons of maize, 4,300 tons of rice, and 150 tons of soybean meal were traded in the IME agricultural hall in the past working week.

Also, 125,000 tons of metals and minerals products valuing more than $72mln were also traded in the metal and minerals hall of the IME.

58,643 tons of steel products, 50,000 tons of iron ore, 9,690 tons of copper products, 190 tons of molybdenum concentrate, 6,580 tons of aluminum, 60 tons of zinc, 3 tons of concentrate and 25 kg of gold ingot were traded by domestic and foreign customers of the IME in the last week.

Moreover, 193,896 tons of oil and petrochemical products with the total value of $90mln were traded in both domestic and export trading halls of the IME.

67,000 tons of bitumen products, 23,000 tons of polymer products, 59,000 tons of VB, 24,000 tons of lube cut, 17,000 tons of chemical products, 1,500 tons of insulation, 840 tons of sulfur were traded in the IME oil and petrochemical hall of the IME from Saturday till Wednesday.

It is worth noting that trading of lube cut, chemical products, insulation, copper, and sugar groups witnessed remarkable growth during the last week.

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