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Iranian Khaf-Harat railway soon to become operational

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Iranian Road and Urban Development Minister has announced the operation of Khaf-Harat railway in near future, stating that Iran will soon join Afghanistan via railway.

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Meeting with Afghanistan’s Minister of Urban Development Affairs Sadat Mansoor Naderi, Abbas Akhoundi deemed the talks with the Afghan delegation as effective and said, “Khaf-Harat railway will soon become operational; the project needs to continue till the railway is connected to Tajikistan, Kirghizstan and china to accomplish the Silk Road railway grid from the South of Iran to China.”

Akhoundi also referred to Tehran’s effort to hold a summit with the attendance of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan and China in order to reach bilateral cooperation to complete the railway in border areas.

The Iranian official enumerated several constructional projects which can be done in joint collaboration with Afghanistan including building of some bridges in Zabol border area as well as the revival of the Lake Hamoun, calling for technical investigations in this regard in upcoming meetings.

Akhoundi expressed satisfaction towards the current status of air travel between the two countries announcing that currently nine aircrafts are commuting to and from Afghanistan every week.

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