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Iran's airspace sees 150 flights rise

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Managing Director of Iranian Airports and Air Navigation Company Rahmatollah Mahabadi announced on Tuesday that air attraffic increases between 100 to 150 flights in Iran's airspace.

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"Since 4:30 this morning the new air traffic was admitted by Iran and became operational," said Mahabadi.

He said that already daily average was more than 950 flights to pass Iran's airspace and now by transferring flights of Qatar Airways the flight number increases to 1050 and 1100 flights per day.

Mahabadi added that already there were three main traffic currents from Qatar, one of them from Doha to Europe, North Atlantic and vice versa and it included most of Qatari flights, which remain unchanged and only around 30 flights towards south Europe in the route of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt that enter Iran’s airspace from south of Shiraz and from main route of the Persian Gulf fly towards Europe.

The second current traffic was toward Africa, which already flied through Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt toward Africa, and now it enters from south of Shiraz towards Bandar Abbas and goes to Oman and by U-turning the Saudi Arabia Peninsula arrive in Africa.

This traffic current is around 50 flights, which will fly around 30 minutes in Iran’s airspace.

Mahabadi said the third traffic current was in direction of India and Far East, which parts of it passes Iran’s route and part through the United Arab Emirates, Muscat and Pakistan that now some of them are flying through Iran’s airspace.

The official said that following creation of 15,000 kilometers of air routes within the framework of first phase of managing Iran’s sky, a very good capacity has been created, so "we are able to fulfill international demands and by completion of next phases we will be able to admit heavier air traffics as well."

Since this morning (Tuesday) Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have ceased their flights from Qatar or to Qatar.

Qatar Airways also announced it ceased all its flights from and to the aforementioned countries.

Arab littoral States of the Persian Gulf have declared to Qataris to leave their soils in 14 days.

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