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Iran’s average mobile internet speed up 36%

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A erage mobile Internet speed increased by 36% year-on-year in Iran in 2017 reaching 16.74 Mbps, the Internet testing and analysis company Ookla reported.

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The world’s average mobile download speed increased 30.1% during the period.

The significant increase has enabled a rise of 19 positions in Ookla’s global ranking of countries based on mobile Internet speed. According to the Speedtest Global Index report published on Ookla’s website, Iran is ranked 67th among 122 countries.

Ookla says that the data for the index comes from hundreds of millions of tests taken by real people around the world using the firm’s Speedtest service every day.

It adds that the average mobile Internet speed is 16.74 Mbps in Iran, 3.54 Mbps lower than the global average which is 20.28Mbps.

Norway has the fastest mobile Internet network with the average download speed at 62.66 Mbps.

An earlier report by the International Telecommunication Union published in November indicated that Iran is showing significant improvement in every aspect of the ICT sector. The ITU said Iran is “the most dynamic country” in terms of ICT development in Asia.

Ookla’s latest findings attest to the ITU position on Iran’s progress in the key sector.

Over the past decade, there has been acceptable growth in the availability of communications in Iran, especially in the rapidly expanding urban areas, led by growth in mobile communications, and more recently, with the introduction of third and fourth generation of mobile telecommunication technologies (3G and 4G).

According to Telecoms Ministry data, 96% of Iranian cities have access to the 3G mobile Internet while 64% of the cities have 4G coverage. Iran has 1,241 cities and a population of 80 million.

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