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Ireland to miss EU renewables target, facing €75 million bill

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Ireland is facing a bill of up to €75 million each year after official predictions that it will fall short of its EU renewable-energy targets.

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Ireland is one of only four currently in the European bloc that is expected to miss its 2020 goals, according to European Commission.

The country has been set a legally binding target to generate a set percentage of its energy needs from renewable power by the end of the decade.

The national targets vary from 49% for Sweden, to only 10% for Malta. Ireland’s target was set at 16%.

However the commission’s new study found that four nations were likely to miss their goals: Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Ireland’s current development of renewable-energy growth meant it would fall half a percentage point short of its target – enough to attract a possible multimillion-euro bill for "credits" it will need to buy to make up the difference.

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