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IT employees are free to form unions in India

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For the first time in India, it has been confirmed that IT employees are free to form trade unions for various purposes.

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Before this confirmation, there was ambiguity on the question of trade unions inside IT industry.

As per the clarification, IT employees are governed by the same rules which cover other employees from various industries; hence the labour laws applicable is same on all employees in India, which includes IT industry as well.

There can be several implications of this clarification, as trade unions are known for their aggressive stand on moral, ethical and management issues; and as observed in Left-dominated states like West Bengal and Kerala, trade unions can disrupt an entire industry if their 'demands' are not met.

For instance, in May last year, when Syntel was reportedly laying off 3000 employees, then the same IT Wing of NDLF protested and condemned the action.

However, IT Industry has responded to the formation of trade union as a less-serious activity, and some officials have stated that it will make no difference to the overall structure and functioning of the industry.

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