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It's time for the third generation of government

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Governments today face challenges and opportunities like never before, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Switzerland, said at the second UAE Government Summit being held in Dubai.

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Today, governments the world are Government 2.0, which use technology to interact with citizens. The future is about entrepreneurs in public service, or Government 3.0, he said, which will let citizens collaborate with governments.

"Government 3.0 is the next form of government. It's like YouTube or Apple's iPad platform, he said. "YouTube is already Government 3.0 - because you provide content. Just like the iPad platform of Apple, the Government 3.0 will provide the framework, and citizens will put the applications that they need and want," said Mr. Schwab.

In his address during the first day of the UAE Government Summit in Dubai, Mr. Schwab talked about four forms of governance. He noted that there's a kind of governance not only to deliver services, but to interact with citizens.

"Here you have a new relationship between governments and citizens, interactive relationships - relationships where citizens can engage, make proposals, criticize and so on," Mr. Schwab said. That's the future of government that he sees. He said a new relationship between governments and citizens has emerged with the onset of new technologies, resulting in government being able to provide the best services for the future.

"But what we are seeing is already the next form of governance, which I will call governance 3.0, where people are co-owners co shapers and are really engaged in working together with governments to provide the best services for the future," Mr. Schwab said.

Mr. Schwab said there are three main driving forces that can be taken into account if you look at governments of the future. "First is big data, which should be a great revolution, which means that we can capture not only what's happening. We can capture the profile of citizens, which means that as a government, we can much more individualize our services."

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