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Just 28% of Brits don’t like to be seen as frugal

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While appearing "cheap" was once a social stigma for Brits, it seems that thrift is today an asset for consumers in the UK.

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New research from Mintel finds that fewer than three in 10 (28%) Brits say that they don’t like to be seen as frugal.

Bargain hunting is actually seen by Brits as a source of excitement. Nearly three quarters (73%) of consumers say they love the thrill of getting a bargain, and it’s not just those with a lower income who are searching out the deals.

Three quarters (76%) of consumers with a household income of £50,000 or over say they love the thrill of getting a bargain, compared to 68% of those with an income of less than £15,500.

And while savvy shopping can be a time-sapping task, Mintel research finds that consumers are not afraid to put in the leg-work in order to scrimp and save, as three quarters (74%) of consumers say they usually shop around to get the best price available.

Indeed, it seems that a full-priced item could be a thing of the past, as half (51%) of Brits say they don’t like paying full price for anything.

However, when it comes to pushing the boat out, Mintel research finds it’s wardrobe over make-up for today’s fashion conscious shopper.

When asked what items they would be most likely to buy themselves as a treat, the top products Brits chose were clothes, shoes or accessories (34%), followed by chocolate or sweets (33%) and favourite food to eat at home (31%).

Following the top three are a dinner out (28%), a holiday (27%), a night out (22%), a technology item or gadget (20%), alcohol (20%), a beauty or personal care product (17%) or something for the home or garden (13%), with flowers appearing bottom of the list (8%).

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