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Kenya enacts world's strictest ban on plastic bags

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Kenya's capital Nairobi looked different and cleaner as citizens largely complied with a ban on plastic bags, which took effect.

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Kenya on Monday rolled out a new tough law banning the use of plastic bags, with those found flouting the legislation being fined the equivalent of $40,000 or facing no less than four years in jail.

The plastic bags, initially common on the streets, retail outlets and open air markets, were nowhere to be seen as citizens went about their businesses.

It was a breath of fresh air, a sudden change of habit and a seemingly less struggle to comply with the government ban, with many satisfied with the move.

On the streets of the central business district, a survey showed that citizens had complied with the move to kick out plastic bags.

Women, who initially would be spotted with plastic bags with some carrying more than one, had replaced them with canvas bags of various colours.

Some had pink, other blue, orange and black canvas bags that signified the change with times and the love for the environment.

Along the busy Tom Mboya Street, in shops that stocked the plastic bags that went for between 0.05 U.S. dollars and 0.20 dollars, the change was evident.

On the shelves that once hosted the plastic bags now lay canvas bags each going from 0.10 dollars to 0.30 dollars depending on the size.

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