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Kenya giving $6 million for hybrid electricity mini-grids

Christian Fernsby |
Kenya Power has allocated 700 million shillings ($6.7 million) to hybridize its off-grid production systems in the country.

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It will concretely include in these mini-networks, solar or wind power generation technologies, in order to strengthen their reliability and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

This funding will be dedicated to a project targeting 23 mini-networks across the country.

Kenya is currently home to 27 of these facilities, mostly diesel, which provide electricity to communities beyond the reach of the national power grid.

“The planned hybridization of off-grid power plants will help expand Kenyan electricity access and improve our energy mix.

Access to sufficient and reliable electricity will help develop production and income generation activities for local communities, which will support development, job creation and reduce poverty in rural areas “, said David Mwaniki, Kenya Power’s Network and Infrastructure Development Manager.

This project will be financed with the support of the French Development Agency.

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