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Kuwaitis show solidarity with Turkey, buy Turkish lira

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A number of Kuwaiti citizens, by holidaying in Turkey or simply buying Turkish lira, are expressing their support for Turkey’s currency, which has been recently targeted by speculators amid a raft of newly-imposed U.S. sanctions.

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At exchange offices throughout the country, Kuwaitis are purchasing Turkish lira as a means of showing support for Turkey’s economy.

“Flights to Turkey are fully booked; it’s hard to make reservations,” Kemal Kebse, director of Saudi Arabia’s Flynas Airlines, said, adding that ticket prices had also increased due to rising demand.

Meanwhile, the Ummah Turk-Arab Cooperation Association has launched a solidarity campaign in a bid to show its support for Turkey.

In a statement, the association called on Arab companies - and the Arab people - to stand with Turkey. As part of the campaign, ten million people have been asked to buy Turkish lira, boycott U.S. products and avoid making dollar-denominated purchases.

The campaign also calls on businesses to transfer their funds from U.S. to Turkish banks and relocate their investments from the U.S. to Turkey.

On social media, Juman al-Harbesh, a Kuwaiti lawmaker, stated: “Besides being an obligation for the Muslim community, supporting the Turkish economy will also help restore balance to the region.”

“It is clear that those conspiring against Turkey were dealt a heavy blow by the country’s recent election,” he said.

“The economic war will not be able to achieve what the defeated coup could not accomplish,” al-Harbesh asserted.

Also speaking on social media, Faisal al-Muslim, a former Kuwaiti MP, said: “The economic war against Turkey has reached a new level. Should this war meet its objectives, all countries of the region - and their people - would be adversely affected.”

“We are obliged to defend the Muslim nation of Turkey and its people,” he added.

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