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Lack of internet means 59 percent less tourists

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61 percent of Americans believe printing out paper copies of travel documents will be obsolete in 10 years, while 50 percent said asking a stranger for directions would be a thing of the past.

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The Priceline Group released the findings of its Intersection of Technology and Consumer Experiences survey.

Aimed at discovering how technology is altering attitudes surrounding travel and dining, the survey revealed Americans' desire for technology to transform how they experience the world.

When asked how people would want to see technology take the friction out of travel, 42 percent said technology could solve the lengthy airplane boarding process, and, 41 percent would like to see technology help eliminate lost or misplaced luggage.

When considering a trip, 54 percent expressed a desire for a single integrated app encompassing planning, booking and ticketing across all modes of transportation, and 40 percent want a virtual assistant that automatically makes recommendations based on interest.

As a testament to reliance on mobile, nearly 59 percent of respondents said that lack of access to cellular or internet connection would make them unwilling to visit a destination.

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